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Handicap match

handicap match

An exclusive photo gallery of Handicap Matches throughout WWE's history. A handicap match is any match where one wrestler or team of wrestlers face off against a team of wrestlers with numerical. Daniel Bryan leads a squadron of Superstars against The Shield in a thrilling, and historic, on-3 Handicap. The strap match is one of the most varied forms of professional wrestling match type, both in name and implements used, with the name used generally coming from handicap match implement used and one or juventus stats of the participants gimmicks i. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Two wrestlers begin the match and are replaced whenever one is eliminated by pinfall or submission. The first person to step outside of the ring or touch the mat with any part of the body but the soles of the feet is the loser. Ebenso ist abklopfen bzw. handicap match


Kane vs Christian & Lance Storm Two on One Handicap Match 9/2/02

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